Favourite Plus Size Shops


http://shop34939047.taobao.com *always my go to. I love this shop*

http://pangmm520.taobao.com/ *size goes really large*

http://38miss.taobao.com/ *size goes really large*

http://hellopangniu.taobao.com/ *size goes quite large. decent amount of pastels*

http://dama1314.taobao.com/ *lots of basics*


http://queenlive.taobao.com/ *tights and leggings*


http://damameimei.taobao.com/ *cute and unique pieces. goes up to around 130cm bust*

meimei-charm.taobao.com *tights*


http://dama100.taobao.com/ *unique pieces*

http://qcns.taobao.com/ *unique pieces. goes decently large*

http://sweet—home.taobao.com/ *custom size*

http://shangmeidama.taobao.com/ *goes up to about 130cm bust*

http://edama.taobao.com/ *custom size*

http://pytyy.taobao.com/ *shop has good rating. goes up to decently large size*

http://shop69310564.taobao.com/ *goes up to really large sizes. has some bras*

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